AUTUMN 2021 Transforming Learning Across the Curriculum B

For primary teachers, secondary teachers and members of primary management teams.

What the training will cover

This training will demonstrate the power of Talk for Writing across the curriculum.

The course will start by showing how the underpinning tune of the six non-fiction text types can be introduced and embedded in English lessons through engaging language games and model texts.

Drawing on the practice of highly successful primary schools in challenging areas, Julia and Jamie will then show how to build on these patterns so that the children can apply them to any subject in the curriculum. They will demonstrate how to use the Talk for Writing process to build the language patterns, underpinning processes and content of any subject involving the audience with lots of activities.

Through internalising the language patterns of the different subject areas combined with dialogic talk, pupils are able to talk their way into understanding and explaining what they are learning. In this way, you can help your class to talk like a historian, a geographer, an artist, a sports specialist, a scientist or a mathematician, and they will be able to write like one too if writing is required!

This course will be particularly useful for primary teachers who already have some understanding of the Talk for Writing process in English. It will also be useful for secondary literacy/curriculum co-ordinators because a similar process applies to secondary schools.

Dates and Times

Monday 8 November 2021 – 4pm-5.15pm
Monday 15 November 2021 – 4pm-5.15pm
Monday 22 November 2021 – 4pm-5.15pm
Monday 29 November 2021 – 4pm-5.15pm


Price per delegate for four sessions of training is £180.00 +VAT (which equates to £45 per training session).

Discount: 10% discount on ALL places when a school books more than one person on the same course. Meaning two delegates cost £324 (which equates to £40.50 per person, per session).

How the online training works

Training will take place via Zoom over four after school sessions. Delegates will need to attend ALL four of these sessions as there will be gap tasks between each session. Each delegate will need their own desktop or laptop computer with a working camera. There are further details on this PDF.

Download key information PDF