The John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

The John of Gaunt School (JOG) is a successful 11-18 stand-alone academy based in Trowbridge, which is the county town of Wiltshire. At JOG, our vision is to create ‘an irresistible climate for achievement’ through excellence in teaching and learning. We recognise that, to succeed, students need a metacognitive toolkit that provides them with the thinking strategies that underpin deep learning. We also believe that strong literacy skills are at the heart of strong outcomes in all subject areas. For these reasons, in 2017 JOG adopted the Talk for Writing (TfW) methodology as our core Teaching and Learning strategy, and we now use the approach in every subject and year group from 7-13.

Since adopting TfW, our Key Stage 4 outcomes have shown a three year improvement trend, and predicted grades for future cohorts indicate that this is set to continue. Student and staff voice regarding the TfW approach is strong, and external evaluation has repeatedly described its impact on teaching and learning at JOG in glowing terms. In 2020, Julia Strong will publish a new book on how to implement TfW within a secondary context, much of which is based on the inspirational practice at JOG.

Current training offered

As a result of our success with TfW, JOG is now able to offer training to other professionals who are interested in adopting the approach.

If you would like to find out more about how TfW can work in a secondary context, you may like to attend one of our introductory mornings see ‘How to book’ below.

Training cost
£65 per person

Pupils working Sandgate Primary School

How to book

Louise Hamilton, Deputy Headteacher