Pie answers your FAQs: What does ‘hook’ mean?

Hook video

In this video series, Pie Corbett answers your frequently asked questions. Here, he discusses what is meant by a ‘hook’, when and how to use one, and why it is important to the Talk for Writing approach.

Clock Close

Talk for Writing Clock Close model text

TfW Trainer Dean Thompson has put together a brand new model text – a portal story which links to both history and geography. “There were no clocks in Clock Close…”

Jumpstart Storymaking by Pie Corbett

Jumpstart Storymaking 9780415466868

Jumpstart Storymaking is a collection of ideas to develop the creative process of ‘storymaking’. Over 100 thought-provoking games and activities, intended to ‘jumpstart’ storytelling, reading and writing in Key Stage 1, 2 or 3 classrooms. Practical, easy and entertaining, the ‘jumpstarts’ will appeal to busy teachers.

Utilising Apps for Talk for Writing

This article will explore a number of apps that lend themselves to the Talk for Writing process and ethos. Focusing on the Top 5 (according to Talk for Writing expert Maria Richards) in a number of categories, these apps will hopefully get you started on your iPad and Talk for Writing journey!