How Talk for Writing is supporting schools during Covid-19


  • English Home-school units to download

    We have produced a series of downloadable English home-school units. The units are age-related but please pick and choose what is right for each child. They all include a model text which is also available as a streamed audio recording. Access the units here.

  • Daily live interactive radio show with Pie Corbett

    Every weekday morning at 9.30am Pie presents on This is a free internet literacy radio show aimed at KS2 that includes language games, creative writing and guest input from famous authors such as Frank Cottrell-Boyce. The programmes are interactive – the children write during the programme and afterwards. All of the shows that have been broadcast are available to listen back to online at Visit here.

  • Daily home-schooling blog with creative ideas for literacy

    Talk for Writing Trainer Jamie Thomas is writing a daily blog with creative ideas for teaching literacy and maths at home. This may be of interest to colleagues or parents that are home-schooling. Access the blog here.

  • Bespoke online training

    Our trainers are available for online consultancy and CPD. We offer training on the following: developing your curriculum, developing units of work, staff meeting CPD on aspects of teaching English, vocabulary training, reading and writing in EYFS, teaching comprehension, developing language in the Nursery. We also offer online Talk for Writing and Talk for Reading training. Info here.

  • Pie answers your FAQs on YouTube

    If you’re just starting out with Talk for Writing these videos will be worth a watch. Pie answers the most frequently asked questions about TfW according to Google. Watch the videos here.

  • Talk for Writing online bookshop open for business

    If you’re using this time to read or to prepare to develop literacy in your school, the TfW online bookshop is still taking and dispatching orders of books and other resources. Browse resources here.