Elisabetta Mohwinckel

Dean Thompson Talk for Writing trainer

TfW EYs and KS1 English as Second Language Expert

Available for training in northern Italy and parts of Switzerland.

Elisabetta is passion, adventure, engagement, commitment, dedication, and constant improvement all rolled into one.

She has been teaching English, as a Second Language, in Italy and Switzerland for more than 20 years and she is a highly regarded teacher-trainer.

Elisabetta provides training to infant and Primary School teachers. Founder of the well-established language academy in Como, she has published the “Emotional Learning, Emotional Teaching” Teaching Manual and a Course Book for Primary Schools, “Momo’s English Literacy”.

She blends Literacy, Literature, Music, Culture, Art, and Emotions in a multi-sensory approach.

“Talk for Writing is THE method that will accompany children to spread their wings in a majestic flight over language development, language acquisition, refined vocabulary and independent writing.”