Dean Thompson

Dean Thompson Talk for Writing trainer

TfW Primary Expert.

Available for training internationally and nationwide, especially in the Midlands, London, the South East and East of England.

Dean has been working to develop Primary English and school improvement for over 25 years. Previous roles include: Programme Director for Primary School Improvement with the National Strategies; Local Authority School Improvement and English Advisor; and Primary School Leader. Dean has led developments in Talk for Writing, previously in his own school and across a range of primary schools across the UK.

Dean was involved in developing the highly effective Improving Schools Programme (ISP). The programme, developed as part of the National Strategies, supported schools facing challenging circumstances to raise standards in English and Mathematics. It achieved this through developing leadership and management, improving teaching and learning and developing the professional learning community. Schools that were part of the Improving Schools Programme consistently achieved, on average, twice the national rate of improvement in English and Mathematics.

Dean is currently leading and developing Talk for Writing and Talk for Reading in individual primary schools and across several trusts and networks.

“Dean is an exceptional presenter with outstanding content knowledge. The Information was presented clearly and he made every effort to clarify any misunderstandings.”Principal, Perth, Australia
“Dean gave a very clear explanation of how to approach the teaching of writing. Lots of examples and thinking tasks.”Teacher
“Very engaging. Lots of practical games/activities. I can easily apply to my own classroom.”Teacher
“Informative and engaging. Enjoyed the opportunities to learn and try out ideas and have discussions with colleagues to put this into practice.”English Lead