Front Lawn Primary Academy, Havant, Hampshire

Under it’s current leadership team, Front Lawn Primary went from Special Measures to Good in just four terms. It is now judged by Ofsted to be an Outstanding school with the quality of our literacy teaching and writing highlighted.

We are located in the challenging area of Leigh Park, where we have been recently ranked the most deprived school in Hampshire. Literacy leaders in this school have implemented and relentlessly driven the development of Talk for Writing over 10 years.

Here is our story so far…

At the southern edge of England, in a land of low attainment and deprivation, a gaggle of teachers were striving endlessly to escape the clutches of Special Measures. Despite using many strategies and tools, the quest for a kingdom filled with little heroes keen to write and make excellent progress seemed an impossibility.

Unexpectedly, a vision appeared to the rulers of the land, of a figure in a wide brimmed hat. Could he be the key that unlocks the secret to success? Determined, the path ahead was clear: Imitate, Innovate, Invent. Without warning, the land was filled with the chanting of tales and from the kingdom, Knights of Front Lawn began to emerge; regaling each other with stories of gallant progress.

Although the quest continues, the knights – bound by their duty to unleash every child’s full potential – strive to release the inner author in everyone.

Front Lawn Primary is offering the chance to see teaching in a range of year groups, children’s work and examples of planning as well as meeting with literacy leaders to discuss any aspect of Talk for Writing.

Current training offered

Open Days

Friday 6th October 2023

Training is aimed at Headteachers, teachers, subject leaders and TAs.

We are happy to welcome individuals or teams. Please email to book a place or to discuss training being offered and any individual training needs.


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Teacher and flipchart Front Lawn Primary
“In writing lessons, teachers focus extremely well on developing pupils’ vocabulary, both creative and technical, which ensures pupils enjoy writing and make strong progress in this aspect.”Ofsted
Young pupils doing actions Front Lawn Primary
“The good links made between talking and writing encourage the development of vocabulary and stimulate pupils’ writing. Boys in particular respond very well to this approach.”Ofsted
“Whole-school involvement in a programme that links talking and writing has ensured that pupils’ achievement and enjoyment in writing has improved dramatically.”Ofsted