Heymann Primary and Nursery School, Nottingham

Heymann Primary and Nursery is a three-form entry school and was evaluated by Ofsted as ‘good’ in 2019. It is a diverse school, with around 50% of our students having English as an additional language.

We started our Talk for Writing (TfW) journey in 2019 and noticed the positive impact early on. Pupils quickly became more enthused about writing. Teachers found TfW enjoyable to teach and TfW developed their understanding of how to teach writing. Our less confident pupils became more vocal and expressed greater confidence.

Pupils could also see their progress and were incredibly proud of their writing. Our EAL learners have thrived due to the emphasis on talk, vocabulary and word choice.

After improving story writing, we progressed to applying the approach to non-fiction contexts and poetry and developed our reading spine.
Our approach to teaching writing using TfW is continuously being refined and improved, driven by our passion for developing our pupils into writers. Our success in embedding the Talk for Writing approach and the positive impact it had on the school has been noticed in our Education Trust. As a result, many of our Trust schools are now adopting the process in their schools.

Current training offered

• Demonstrating teaching and learning through TfW in the classroom with children.

• A chance to look at books and outcomes

• We will discuss and share our school TfW overview

• Provide opportunities to talk to our senior leadership about the implementation and impact of TfW

Cost £75.

Register here: Register here: https://bit.ly/heymann-tfw


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