Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans Talk for Writing Trainer

TfW Primary Expert.

Available for training at Sandgate Primary School and in South East England.

Jamie is the Deputy Headteacher and English Leader at Sandgate Primary School in Kent.

Jamie has led and developed Talk for Writing across the school following a three-year project in the Kent area by Pie Corbett. Talk for Writing has proved to be one of the most successful initiatives undertaken in the school, developing consistency in approach as well as both children’s and teacher’s understanding of what constitutes truly effective, creative writing.

In 2018, Sandgate became an accredited Talk for Writing Training Centre and now supports a number of schools both locally and across the South in the implementation and development of the programme.

Jamie currently leads on all elements of Talk for Writing training including internal sessions on which attendees can visit classrooms to see Talk for Writing in action, as well as inset, consultancy and individual school support. As a Year 6 teacher of many years, Jamie is particularly well-placed to support schools looking to drive standards in Key Stage 2 through Talk for Writing, and is also further supported by a project team that includes Early Years and Key Stage 1 practitioners.