Jane Ralphs

Talk for Writing Trainer Jane Ralphs
Jane Ralphs Talk for Writing trainer

TfW Primary Expert.

Available for training in the East Midlands, the East of England and London, though she is happy to discuss supporting schools outside these regions.

Jane has worked at a senior level in education for more than a decade, including eight years as Vice Principal and Head of Educational Standards at a large primary school. She is a previous winner of the National Teaching Awards Primary Teacher of the Year in the Eastern region. More recently, she has worked in partnership with schools in Northampton and Essex to bring about rapid improvement as their Learning and Achievement Adviser.

Jane now works independently as an education consultant, supporting a wide variety of schools, including those in Special Measures and with Notice to Improve. She is passionate about the Talk for Writing approach and offers whole school CPD INSET as well as group and personalised support to enable schools to implement and deliver Talk for Writing that is tailored to their individual needs and context.

Jane is skilled at working with Senior and Middle Leadership Teams as well as with individual and groups of class teachers to develop and improve the quality of their teaching and learning through the Talk for Writing approach. She is highly focused on creating sustainable change and improvement, enabling both teachers and children to flourish in the achievements that Talk for Writing can bring.


“As a consultant Jane is always well prepared, flexible, positive, and extremely generous with her time and resources. Her most important strength is the fact that she is prepared to listen to any concerns that the staff might have – she assesses their needs and problem solves with them, delivering non-compromising yet non-threatening training sessions.”Headteacher
“Jane’s passion for Talk for Writing is contagious. She can convert the most adamant sceptic, to an ardent advocate.”Headteacher
“Having to teach using Talk for Writing for the first time was a daunting experience. Jane’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge helped me to be excited to apply her work into the classroom.”Teacher
“When Jane started working with us in September 2015, writing was identified as one of our weakest subjects. Teachers didn’t know how to teach writing and children disliked the writing sessions. However, after training the staff on the methodology of Talk for Writing, and the regular follow up training sessions, the quality and quantity of written work has improved enormously at this school. The staff have had the best year-long CPD, and we will continue with this training programme in the coming year. The impact of Talk for Writing is tangible, throughout the school.”Headteacher
“Jane has given me close support, setting up structures and developing planning. With her in-depth knowledge of texts, deep understanding of English and imaginative ideas linked to clear outcomes, she has empowered staff. As a result the school have move forward successfully with Talk for Writing and writing standards across the school have improved.”English Lead