The Parkside School, Norwich

The Parkside School is an Outstanding and vibrant complex needs school in the heart of Norwich.

All pupils at Parkside have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). We currently educate 180 children ranging from years 3-11, the vast majority with specific SEND in communication and interaction.

Classes are small, between 8-12 pupils, and staff levels are high. To meet the needs of all pupils, Parkside has 3 pathways running through the school
● Sensory, ASC and SLD – for our more sensory and pre-formal learners between years 3-11
● Junior – for our semi-formal learners from years 3-8
● Senior – for our semi formal learners from years 9-11

We now use adapted models of the Talk for Writing (TfW) methodology across all classes to support receptive and expressive communication and to build vocabulary and composition skills at all ages and stages.

The TfW approach mirrors the school’s literacy and communication assessment framework, which focuses on developmental levels for all areas of receptive and expressive communication development. Units of work are based on half termly whole-school topics and are all based on high quality fiction texts.

Outcomes for our pupils are very varied, some pupils will achieve supported written innovations of the model text, whereas others will achieve increased attention and engagement and participation in the sensory retelling of a class text. Progress in expressive communication is not just measured in written outcomes, but in participation, signing, drawing, using objects, pictures and symbols and speaking. Pupils also access a variety of technology to support the Talk for Writing process and enhance outcomes.

For staff, the Talk For Writing framework has provided a consistent, progressive and adaptable approach to teaching Literacy and communication in our diverse environment – this has led to raised expectations and increased confidence in planning and delivering appropriately challenging and engaging units of work.

Current training offered

Open mornings will be held on:
Wednesday 12th June 2024
Thursday 17th October 2024
Thursday 14th November 2024
Thursday 13th February 2025
Thursday 20th March 2025
Thursday 8th May 2025
Thursday 12th June 2025

Cost: £75.

Please contact the school directly for information regarding visits via the email below.


Debbie Collinson

Tel no: 01603 441126

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