Yvonne Daubney

Dean Thompson Talk for Writing trainer

TfW Primary Expert

Based in the South Ayrshire, available for training across Scotland.

Yvonne is a consultant, currently working with schools across Scotland. Yvonne has a wealth of Talk for Writing experience, having led across the Primary Stage in both England and Scotland and at school, cluster and authority level.

Yvonne also has a background in Additional Support Needs and has seen the impact Talk for Writing has on pupils who find writing challenging but also the depth of challenge it provides for those pupils who are higher achieving writers.

Yvonne has been a previous SENCO and Deputy Headteacher in England and an Acting Deputy Headteacher in Scotland and has seen the vibrant experience and the impact Talk for Writing has on pupil’s writing.


"Fantastic training, very engaging and interactive."


"Fabulous training, lots of ideas to take back to the classroom."


"Very active and informative. Yvonne was very helpful and knowledgeable"